Yesterday’s hunt

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I don’t want them to go!!!

We are down to only 2 weeks left with our little BIG pups! I recently had a break down over this one little guy who I am completely obsessed with and so unbelievably attached to. (he is attached to me too!) After a day of tears, Zac snapped me out of it. I am secretly not out of it, though.

My parents decided they really wanted to keep one, whew.. that makes it a tid easier!

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Lucky 7 point

Yesterday was an exciting afternoon… saw a deer.. shot at a deer… missed a deer… yatta yatta.. most important I had so much fun sitting in the stand with my best friend!!

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Carbon Tech

We had a blast at the ATA show! We finally got to meet the crew with Carbon Tech and let me tell you, they sure did meet all of our expectations! Truly some of the nicest, most genuine people we have met! We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about this coming year. Archery tournaments, quail hunting, turkey hunting, more archery tournaments, and back to deer season… yup, it’s going to be a great year!

Have I mentioned how thrilled we are with the new bows and arrows? Chuck and Rick really know what they are doing! We are also extremely excited about using the M & R bowstrings, and Bohning Archery. Both make outstanding products and they also make plenty of stuff that comes in pink, yea…. Zac is really excited about that one! 🙂

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Can I keep them all…

I have completely gone overboard. I am WAY too attached to these little guys already and I still have six more weeks with them!! How am I going to do it!!!!??? We have loved seeing Miley be a momma,  especially to the runt. It is amazing how she just knows he is a bit smaller (well was, he is now catching up!) Miley would take the runt into a separate kennel and feed him all by himself! I don’t know what to say about Sam… sheesh…. he has been a modern-day daddy for sure! He will lick on them just as much as Miley. They just opened their eyes and are now sorta walking so Sam has started playing with them very gently .. like… nibbling at them?? Zac says I’m getting too attached.. but I already know what is going to happen in the end “Lacey, we just have to keep him.. we just need him… we need three.. we can handle it…what’s one more…  he is so calm and sweet and pretty and perfect and we need him!” Yup, I’m already calling it!

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“emmm backstraps”

Zac sure does know how to prepare some delicious backstraps on the grill … probably our favorite meal. ever. Cream cheese, bell peppers and bacon .. can’t get much better than that!

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“That aint no basket rack”

We get a phone call from my brother saying he shot a little basket rack 6 point and could we help him track it and clean it … of course, it is a known rule for me, Zac, my brother and my dad that whenever somebody kills a deer we are all there no matter what. So we grab some coffee and head that way and start tracking. Ol’ sneaky Jamie pulled a slick one on us! Little basket rack 6 wasn’t so little! Jamie has got this deer on camera for the past week or so and has hunted him hard .. hard work pays off! Congrats Jamie!

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