gobble gobble gob— BOOM!

Todays hunt was …. um…. AWESOME! Although, we didn’t leave with a dead bird it was the most exciting hunt yet! I think we may be obsessed with huntin turkeys now.. yea, uh huh we are. If I told the story how I wanted to tell it then you would probably quit reading by the 36th paragraph. I will try to make it as short as I can.

John, a buddy of ours who is an avid turkey hunter has been a HUGE help to us. He has been teaching us how to sprint of hills to chase a gobbling turkey and how to run through thick, nasty Alabama woods.. ok not really. We  respect him as a turkey hunter and we have been trying to learn as much as we can.

To the hunt..

This morning it was ON ON ON! We had turkeys gobbling this way, that way, down that ridge, up that hill and way out yonder. Get the picture? We rush to get set up on the edge of this clear cut on the one that was the closest.. we sit and call and wait and call and sit and while my anxiety is building and my hands start shaking, John is motioning to me  that he is coming on in! While I’m in deep concentration on being still, I hear some gobbling behind us getting closer and closer not being anywhere near ready to take a shot on a turkey from behind, Zac hustles  to get set up facing the other direction. We now have three different gobblers gobbling and coming in closer and closer. I am now concentrating on NOT peeing on myself and trying to keep it together so I can blow a head off. I hear Zac whispering and then I hear the famous words….. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT IT …. gobble, gobble, gobb—BOOM! It sounds good don’t it? Well .. not so much. Zac’s hot breath fogged up the scope but he managed to find the ol’ blue head and right when he went to pull the trigger the bird let out a love call.. and well.. he missed.

It gets better .. I went out to tell Zac how ok it is, how it happens, you know.. being a supportive wife but after a double take on his forehead all I could do is laugh.. that’s right shug got his but kicked by 3 1/2 inch nitro turkey killing machine. Makes a good story right? Oh and John was filming for us and we figured the turkey in front of me would come out first so  he didn’t have time to turn the camera around but we have it on audio! YES!


About Zac and Lacey

As newlyweds, we couldn’t be more blessed with the time we get to share with each other in the outdoors. Zac started bow hunting 7 years ago with my brother, and I started bow hunting 5 years ago with my dad and brother. Who knew God would have put us together and we would get to share the same passion. For us, that is being in the woods or a field any chance we can, whether that is slinging arrows at whitetail, calling turkey, or quail hunting with the dogs.
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