I don’t want them to go!!!

We are down to only 2 weeks left with our little BIG pups! I recently had a break down over this one little guy who I am completely obsessed with and so unbelievably attached to. (he is attached to me too!) After a day of tears, Zac snapped me out of it. I am secretly not out of it, though.

My parents decided they really wanted to keep one, whew.. that makes it a tid easier!


About Zac and Lacey

As newlyweds, we couldn’t be more blessed with the time we get to share with each other in the outdoors. Zac started bow hunting 7 years ago with my brother, and I started bow hunting 5 years ago with my dad and brother. Who knew God would have put us together and we would get to share the same passion. For us, that is being in the woods or a field any chance we can, whether that is slinging arrows at whitetail, calling turkey, or quail hunting with the dogs.
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1 Response to I don’t want them to go!!!

  1. john&cindy wellborn says:

    wow, those pups have really grown alot. i bet you all have had a blast. i can understand how you could get so attached. being with them could turn a blue day bright. good job

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