Guess who’s gonna be a momma and a daddy??

cheer up Sam, your going to be a great daddy

 That’s right! General Sam White and Miley Ladybird White.. we can NOT wait!!! PUPPIES! “Can we keep them all??!!!” Ok, actually I’m the one telling Zac that we can’t keep one.. I mean two german shorthairs, a Lacey and a Zac is all our queen size bed can take! If we had enough land and a 20 dog passenger truck, I’m sure we would keep them all!

She is definitely getting bigger!

Isn't he cute?

I just LOVE them!


About Zac and Lacey

As newlyweds, we couldn’t be more blessed with the time we get to share with each other in the outdoors. Zac started bow hunting 7 years ago with my brother, and I started bow hunting 5 years ago with my dad and brother. Who knew God would have put us together and we would get to share the same passion. For us, that is being in the woods or a field any chance we can, whether that is slinging arrows at whitetail, calling turkey, or quail hunting with the dogs.
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3 Responses to Guess who’s gonna be a momma and a daddy??

  1. Gina says:

    You’re telling Zac , we can’t have one. I’m telling your dad, we can’t have one. Good luck.

  2. I pray we don’t give in to the sweet, innocent, puppy breath-spotted shortair puppy

  3. angie says:

    Yay, we’re all having babies now! Just wish my pregnancy was as short as Miley’s!

    I was just talking to Gurney tonight and she mentioned this post, and we laughed about it. We were both saying surely they won’t keep one…. 😉 You are going to have to convince me once I seem them that they are not the dog for us!

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